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All our year groups are being organised into small groups with consistent membership (bubbles). It will allow for decreased interaction between different year groups, limited numbers passing each other in the corridors and during times when large numbers would generally be using social spaces such as the canteen.

Years 8-10 will have designated rooms and rather than moving for each lesson, they remain in their classroom and the teacher comes to them. They will also have their own entrance / exit and toilet facilities.

We have also created learning zones for pupils in Years 11-14, but subject choices dictate that some movement will be required. However, by creating learning zones we will be able to keep movements and interactions within these groups to a minimum. Again, these year groups will have designated entrances / exits and toilet facilities.

Click on the links below to see plans of how our school has been divided into these protective bubbles and learning zones for each of our year groups:

Plan of Year 13 & 14 Learning Zones

Plan of Year 14 Learning Zone

Plan of Year 11 & 12 Learning Zones & Year 10 Bubble

Plan of Year 8 & 9 Bubbles




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