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Counselling Support For Pupils

During the school closure due to COVID-19, Thornhil College will continue to offer counselling support to our pupils via the services of  the FamilyWorks organisation.

FamilyWorks provides Post Primary Schools counselling via the ICSS Post Primary Schools Contract. This is how to access the service:


A referral for counselling can occur either:

  • through the website ( by either the student, parent or teacher.
  • through the Key Contact. Again this can be by the student, parent or a teacher getting in touch with the Key Contact.

The school counsellor will then make contact with the student and sets up an appointment.

FamilyWorks is an organisation, working in Northern Ireland, which offers support, advice, guidance and training to individuals, families and communities.

FamilyWorks employs a range of methods including counselling, mediation, coaching and supervision. The services are available to children, young people and adults who may be in need of support. 

More information about the range of services provided by FamilyWorks can be found at



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