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For Anti-bullying week 2018 all Junior School girls took part in a competition to create a simple A6 Thornhill Anti-Bullying Logo.

The aim of the competition was to capture and promote the anti-bullying behaviours that we expect to see in Thornhill……..kindness, consideration, respect, inclusivity, togetherness etc.

The overall competition winner was

Ciarrai Nicholas 10G.





Ciarrai's Anti-bullying Logo now features throughout our school, on our website and in our prospectus.

The competition was an opportunity for the students: 
- To raise awareness that Thornhill is an anti-bullying environment and
- To remind everyone that there is no place for bullying behaviours in our school community and
- To act as a constant reminder that we can all flourish by supporting each other through kind words and actions

Year 8 winner: Kate White 8H
Year 9 winner: Sinead Harper 9A
Year 10 winner: Aoife Duffy 10 F

Congratulations girls!


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