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We are pleased to present our Thornhill College Yearbook 2018/19

The Thornhill College Yearbook for 2018/19 offers a mere snapshot of the variety of events and range of aspects of the busy and fruitful life of the college; academic, artistic, musical, sporting and charitable, et cetera.

It showcases the impressive talents of many of our students who are wonderful ambassadors for our school in whatever field they aspire towards.

In a busy, vibrant school such as ours with the wealth of talent in our student body, this yearbook can only provide a flavour of the extensive range of activities and opportunities available to our young people.

It allows us to share our pride and appreciation for them with a wide audience. It also reflects the contribution of our students, in great ways and small, to enriching their own lives, those of the wider school community and to the wider society in Derry and its surrounding area.

2018/19 saw a number of particularly adventurous school trips organised for our students, most notably to China and Russia. These trips reflect the tremendous work and commitment of the many members of staff who organised them, and facilitated the wonderful educational experiences of the students who joined in them. The students’ reports of those trips reflect their engagement and enthusiasm for learning about the world around them.

I wish to thank all of the students and staff who contributed to the making of this Yearbook, and shared with us something of the range of experiences enjoyed by students of our school over the past twelve months.

They have given us a tangible,more rounded record of the life and work of Thornhill College which promotes the holistic development of all our students and encourages them to be the best they can be in all their interactions.

Ms S Mallet

Thornhill Yearbook 2018/19 (PDF version)

Thornhill College Yearbook 2018/19 (Flipbook version)



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