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My name is Aoibh Graham and I am the Senior Head Girl of Thornhill College.

The past 6 years I have spent here at Thornhill have been fulfilling, enriching and rewarding thanks to the not only the amazing staff we are blessed to have here but also the pupils, both of whom help give the school such a welcoming ambiance which allows every girl to blossom.

Starting Year 8 in 2011, I had the same fears that every pupil initially has when entering any secondary school. However Thornhill quickly put my worries at ease due to the extensive support they offer incoming Primary 7 students to ease their transition. These include the Year 8 Summer Scheme and the assignment of both a senior class councilor and junior class buddy to each form class to help all pupils settle in to life at Secondary school.

Thornhill offers every pupil the opportunity to self-grow by developing and establishing their talents via the extensive range of extra-curricular activities offered. There is truly something for everyone irrespective of what your interests may be and there is a special effort taken by Thornhill to nurture each individual pupil’s talent.

Spiritual growth is also key as Thornhill was founded by the Sisters of Mercy. Staff strive to live by the words of Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy and "to fit young women for Earth without unfitting them for Heaven”. The values which the Thornhill community bestows on each pupil allow them to leave school as enthusiastic and hardworking young women ready to make a positive contribution to society. Academically, Thornhill encourages and helps every pupil to achieve their potential.This is aided by modern classroom facilities, creating an environment which allow every student the best possible chance to learn.

The highly qualified teaching staff we have at Thornhill empower each student to achieve to the best of their ability. They genuinely look out for each of their students and are dedicated and committed to their vocation as they support students through their academic studies and pastoral development. The approachable nature of staff members allows a trusting relationship to be built between them and their pupils which is key to success.

Thornhill College has provided me with a secondary school experience second to none. I am thankful for all the support and opportunities they have furnished me over the years which has moulded me into the person I am today. I’ve had to chance to try new things and to develop friendships which will last a lifetime. The overwhelming sense of school pride is definitely something which sets Thornhill apart and the various school events and traditions such as the Christmas show has enriched my time at school.

I will definitely be sad to leave Thornhill at the end of this year, however I will be able to look back fondly on my time spent at secondary school. I am not only proud to be able to represent my peers as Head Girl,  but I will always be proud to be a Thornhill girl.

Aoibh Graham
Head Girl 2017-18

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